Creative Direction / Design / Programming
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Garrett Fuselier

Augmented and Virtual Reality Creator


HOST is a virtual reality, single-player, puzzle adventure experience inside of an alien planet. You must navigate its breathing chambers and pulsing passageways to discover the secret at the core.
Check out the Steam page.

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Samsung 5G AR

To help people understand the power of 5G, HYPNO created an augmented reality installation at Samsung 837's flagship store. A sculpture of a city was created along with 3D scenes that would come alive when you would point the phone at the sculpture.

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Samsung Freeform

For the launch of the Galaxy Note9, HYPNO created an immersive projection mapped room giving you the power to draw everywhere using the new S Pen. Each digital brush was connected to a sound, allowing you to make a soundscape by layering sonic textures.

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Facevalue Art Basel

HYPNO® and Sotheby’s hosted the most popular party (by far) during Art Basel Miami Beach. We transformed the raw, industrial space below the spendy 1 Hotel into a massive 360° selfie party where guests could shoot photos and immerse themselves in… themselves.

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Fashion for a Cause

Fashion Show at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts with Harvest Productions hosted by Giuliana Rancic. As each collection walked the runway, a new element of a creature emerged and evolved. Sensors were installed underneath the stage to measure the pace of the models. This allowed us to match the speed of the evolution to the speed of the models. We also measured the BPMs from the live DJ, and created a pulsing/breathing effect for the creature.

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Stage design for SSION with Cody Critcheloe, Drew Bolton and Daniel Goggin at MoMA PS1. The stage featured a sliding door that was projection mapped to move with the animations being displayed. 3 projectors hit the backdrop while 4 other projectors were pointed from the ceiling as stage lighting.

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Kauffman Center Grand Opening

For the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts grand opening event, we collaborated with local artists to create a once in a lifetime dinner experience for the organization's top sponsors and supporters. The visuals were projected across 3 walls and onto the roof of the Kauffman Center, providing an immersive visual and auditory experience.

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The New Real Website

On the roof of our building is a real website–routed out from a ShopBot, with a camera on each page, streaming live 24/7. This was an effort to simulate the New Real and the fusion / confusion of the physical and digital worlds. The website design / UI pokes at common internet tropes such as drop shadows becoming real shadows, buttons as physical buttons, text boxes are literally inset boxes. Every time you return to the site, you'll have a completely different experience–it could be night, raining, snowing, sleeting or if you're lucky, you can catch a romantic sunset.

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Samsung Galaxy Orbit

For Samsung at CES 2019, HYPNO created a roller coaster for the Galaxy S10. The camera would orbit around you capturing a full 360º music video while lights and music got everyone dancing.

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The EYE is a new way to capture social content in the wild. A mobile, squishy, durable, splash proof, well lit party camera that never touches the ground. Immediately after taking a video, it's edited with live effects and music. Just type in your phone number, and it's instantly sent to you to post all over the internet.

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Experiential Creative Direction
Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality Design and Development

"We live in the most amazing time right now...
where molecules and pixels are becoming one and the same. And I love sitting right in the middle, creating moments that blend the physical and digital worlds."

Garrett Fuselier is currently at TikTok and lives in Los Angeles. His ecosystem deals with creating experiences that are both physical and digital using animation, apps, sensors, programming and projection to transform spaces and memories.

He also created the VR game HOST–an immersive, room scale experience where you escape from inside of an alien organism. He handled the concept, 3D modeling, programming and sound design and published the first chapter for Oculus Rift and Vive.